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General Print Design


Scroll down to check out some examples of commercial print design across a range of different projects.

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Best Oral Mex


Working alongside the Marketing Manager at Chilango, a fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain, I headed up the creative for the 'Best Oral Mex' campaign with the aim to highlight the use of freshly made food.
Chilango lives and breathes Vibrancy. From it's food, to it's restaurant design, and it's people.I wanted to reflect this throughout every element of the creative by using a bold colour palette, bold typography, creating fun illustrations of Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers interacting with other illustrations and graphic elements, and continuing the cheeky tongue-in-cheek tone of the campaign name.

Mia Trevelyan Design

© 2024 by MiaTrevelyanDesign.

© 2024 by MiaTrevelyanDesign.

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